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Gabelli students attend Young & Rubicam workshop as part of Positive Marketing Week

Can big companies and global ad agencies do good things? As part of Positive Marketing Week, on Tuesday, November 1, 2011 Gabelli students had a close-up opportunity to ask that question -- and interact with two top Madison Avenue executives.

The workshop was titled “Positive Marketing: The Ad Agency Perspective” and leading the session was Jamie Kalfus, the head of global brand strategy for all Colgate-Palmolive brands at Young & Rubicam. She was joined by Y&R global creative director, Ryan Hose. From Patagonia to Starbucks to Tom’s of Maine they showed examples, spoke to students and answered questions about how positive and socially responsible advertising is developed for global brands.

Topics included:

Why Patagonia is telling customers to “Buy less.”

How Tom’s of Maine keeps its socially responsible “DNA”.

What are the barriers to positive marketing in terms of products and profits.

What positive marketing will look like later this decade.

Pictured: (L to R) Dawn Lerman, Director of the Center for Positive Marketing; Jamie Kalfus, Director, Global Brand Strategy, Young & Rubicam; Ryan Hose, Senior VP Creative Director, Young & Rubicam

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