The Cura Personalis in Positive Marketing Award is given annually to an executive whose leadership and vision uplift organizational stakeholders, individual citizens, and society at large. 


Award recipients view consumers holistically, focusing on overall consumer well-being as a means for driving long-term business growth.  They are people-centric, using their roles in the marketing process to better the lives of people both within and well beyond the firm. 

Previous recipients of the Cura Personalis:


Maureen McGuire

CMO, Bloomberg, LP

Awarded for her contributions to transforming industries and people, and  her commitment to uplifting changes in organizations and sectors that have historically undervalued marketing makes her efforts that much more positive and laudable.

Awarded for his contributions to transforming the food and beverage industry and for blazing a new path to performance through the health of the people he serves and the planet we all inhabit.


Salman Amin

Former Global CMO, PepsiCo


David Neeleman

Founder, JetBlue

& CEO, Azul Airlines

Awarded for his bold vision for the airline industry and for what has been described as “creating an airline fit for humans,” customers and employees alike, uplifting organizational stakeholders, individual citizens, and society at large through leadership and vision in the airline industry.