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This speaker series  brings successful business executives from a variety of sectors to hold forth on subjects that don't always fall under the purview of their official title. "C-suite executives view business holistically because they experience it that way firsthand," said Dawn Lerman, Ph.D., associate dean of graduate business curriculum and executive director of the Center for Positive Marketing. 


"The series will present people at the top who have found ways to manage their career to get there," Lerman continued.


The backbone of a business education often requires that business functions be taught separately, but curriculum must also provide perspective on how those parts come together. The series aims to mesh these functions via the perspective of individuals who have worked their way up to the executive suite of the chief officers—"The C-suite."

"Often it's the case that students tend to look at things in the silos of which they’re studying, but every particular business function is impacted by every other business function," said Lerman. "Marketing lessons don’t necessarily come from the marketing department, they can come from the COO, CIO, CFO, and of course the CEO - the lessons really can  come from anywhere."


     Previous speakers include: 


  • Tony Spring, president and COO of Bloomingdale's

  • Chris McWilton, president of U.S. Markets and former CFO of MasterCard

  • Salman Amin, COO-North American Markets, S.C. Johnson and Son

  • John Osborn, President and CEO of BBDO New York


For more information contact Marcia Flicker,


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