FIFTH ANNUAL CONFERENCE - March 31st - APRIL 1st, 2016

Save the dates - The Center for Positive Marketing invites you to our fifth annual conference, March 31 - April 1, 2016 - Share fresh insights on how marketing has contributed to well-being and can continue to do so in the future. Watch video clips of the 2015 Conference here.

As our Executive in Residence, you don’t have to share the same thoughts and philosophies as us about the future of marketing. You just need the desire and experience to formulate ideas and use those ideas to help us fulfill our mission. As our Executive in Residence, you understand that your responsibility is to the consumer, the industry, current and future marketing professionals, and society as a whole.

Graduate and undergraduate research fellows at The Center for Positive Marketing work hand-in-hand with faculty and industry leaders to dig deep into the underlying motivations and behaviors that influence the marketing industry. Participation in our research efforts will not only help you build your resumé, but also connect you with industry veterans and give you valuable insight and experience in the marketing world.

Corporate-level memberships bring benefits to every employee and help companies infuse positive marketing throughout the organization. Exclusive member privileges include access to original research and networking with other positive marketers.


Marketing Lessons from the C-Suite
Meet Our 2013-2014 Executives-in-Residence: A. Salman Amin and John Osborn

The Consumer Value Index tracks marketing’s impact on people’s lives. The 2015 score remained stable from 2014. Read about the good marketers are bringing to people’s lives!

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