Research Fellows


Graduate and undergraduate research fellows at The Center for Positive Marketing work hand-in-hand with faculty and industry leaders to dig deep into the underlying motivations and behaviors that influence the marketing industry. Participation in our research efforts will not only help you build your resumé, but also connect you with industry veterans and give you valuable insight and experience in the marketing world.

Our research fellows are involved in nearly all of the Center's research activities and can expect to:

  • Provide insights at annual roundtable events
  • Receive training and certification to work with human research participants
  • Conduct original interviews and focus groups with consumers and marketers
  • Collect and analyze secondary data, including continuous scanning of popular media, scholarly papers, corporate communications, and consumer-to-consumer communications
  • Gain firsthand experience in the development and launch of a major research index.
  • Verify, code, and enter survey/index data
  • Analyze and interpret survey/index data
  • Prepare a professional research report