The Executives In Residence


As our Executive in Residence, you don’t have to share the same thoughts and philosophies as us about the future of marketing. You just need the desire and experience to formulate ideas and use those ideas to help us fulfill our mission.

As our Executive in Residence, you understand that your responsibility is to the consumer, the industry, current and future marketing professionals, and society as a whole. You are a thought-leader but, most importantly, you take action to realize the Center’s goals and work with Fordham’s brightest students and faculty.

This relationship is not one-sided. As our Executive in Residence, you can tap into our students’ fresh thinking and create a pipeline of the most capable students and young professionals into your company. You also partner with the Center’s research and development resources to further develop your unique ideas – which are often those that others are too afraid to pursue.

We ask you, as the Executive in Residence, to perform the following duties during your one-to- three year term:

  • Connect faculty with businesses for faculty development and research-related opportunities
  • Secure prominent speakers for a new Fordham University Graduate School of Business seminar series entitled The Marketing Leader
  • Bring corporate recruiters in marketing to the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses
  • Secure internships for both undergraduate and graduate business students
  • Fundraise for the Center and its activities.
  • Teach a total of 3 undergraduate and graduate courses per academic year.