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Consumer Social Responsibility

with Dr. Luke Kachersky, Assistant Professor of Marketing

This seminar-format workshop is aimed at exploring the consumer's role in shaping the social environment and, as such, focuses on demand-side issues of social responsibility. Participants will draw on their own consumer behavior to explore issues such as the trade off between consumer value and natural resource depletion, consumer response to corporate social (ir)responsibility, the social paradox of consumer materialism, and avenues to promote more socially responsible consumption.

Thursday, March 21st – 6:00pm-7:30pm - Lowenstein Building - Room 614 - Postponed - date to be determined.

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The Science of Consumer Retail Shopping

with Dr. Marcia Flicker, Associate Professor of Marketing

and Dr. Timothy D. Malefyt, Visiting Associate Professor Marketing

The Science of Consumer Retail shopping will examine the experiential dimensions of retail shopping from various perspectives: practical, socio-relational, personal identity and cultural. We will investigate the pragmatics of shopping – how shoppers navigate a store; play out social relationships formed and maintained through shopping for others; express their self-identity, and relive feelings of community vis á vis particular brands. By exploring the interplay of these variables, attendees will receive a practical and theoretical understanding of the retail experience for consumers, its importance to our culture, and how retailers can best accommodate these elements.  
Attendees will learn from theoretical models of why people buy, how they look for deals, strategies of thrift as well as treat – and also conduct actual in-store shop-alongs with faculty who will point out various dimensions of shopper behavior. By the end of the two-part workshop – theory and in-store experience – attendees should be proficient in interpreting a shopping scene, discussing, analyzing and creating reports on shopping behavior and its social and ideological ramifications, and redesigning a store that needs help in meeting shoppers’ needs.

Saturday, April 20th – 10:00am-2:00pm - Lowenstein Building - Room 614

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