March 25 & 26, 2015

Fordham University

Lincoln Center Campus | 113 West 60th Street | New York, NY


Thank you to all who participated in the

4th Annual Conference for Positive Marketing.


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5th Annual Conference for Positive Marketing

March 31 - April 1, 2015


The marketers that create the greatest good in the world are those that empower and energize their customers, not just in the marketplace, but in their communities and in their lives. Taking that as a cue, the 4th Annual Conference for Positive Marketing will be Your Conference for Positive Marketing. With an eye toward being a springboard for collaboration, this conference encourages you to create a program tailored to your interests with sessions designed to foster connections with like-minded people and to facilitate dynamic, productive conversations.

This conference stands to benefit anyone --practitioner or professor -- with an interest in using marketing to improve the world around them. Together we will break down the walls between the ivory towers of academia and the ceaseless demands of the C-suite, between righteous researchers and budding brand managers alike. Our goal is to catalyze connections you might not otherwise make and share your diverse perspectives to help each other see the challenges and opportunities of positive marketing in a whole new light. Whether you are a professor, a practitioner, or are simply passionate about using marketing positively, this is your conference.

Tentative Program

Titles subject to change


Wednesday, March 25th, 2015


5:30pm-7:00pm   Registration and Welcome Reception


Thursday, March 26th, 2015


9:00-9:30      Registration and Networking


9:30-9:40      Welcome
                       Dawn Lerman, Executive Director, Center for Positive Marketing,

                       Senior Associate Dean and Professor of Marketing, Fordham University


9:40-10:10    Life Affirming Connections between Brands & Consumers
                       Stacy Graiko, Director, Qualitative Research at Firefly Millward Brown

Learn from Firefly Millward Brown Director of Qualitative research, Stacy Graiko, how to create deep, high quality connections between consumers and brands through offline and online channels and how such connections improve individuals’ productivity, health, and well-being.


10:10-10:35   Is Brand Love Good for Consumers?
                       Aaron Ahuvia, Professor of Marketing, University of Michigan-Dearborn

Research shows that materialism is associated with unhappiness, whereas just the opposite is true for love.  What does this imply for brand love, which combines aspects of both materialism and love? This research confirms that materialism is associated with unhappiness, and that people who love a lot of brands tend to be materialistic.  Yet, somwhat paradoxically, people who love brands also tend to be happier than people who do not.  Reasons for this finding are explored.


10:35-11:15   Creating Empathic Observant Marketers
                       Christine Chastain,
Senior Consultant, Customer-Centered Solution Design &

                       Innovation, Cigna; Founder, Platforme

                       Tim McKnight, VP Global Innovation, Cigna

Join Christine and Tim for a dynamic empathetic observation exercise to learn about related processes, methods, and tools that will enhance your ability to understand your customers’ feelings.


11:15–11:30  Positive Energy Walk


12:00-1:00     Lunch


1:15–2:30      Concurrent Salons 1


Salon 1A:  Using Mobile Technology for Good

Hosts: Sandy Ng, RMIT University, Australia and Steve Rappaport, SDR Consulting, New York and Steve Rappaport, SDR Consulting, New York

Explore how mobile technology can be used to empower consumers to enhance their lives.


Salon 1B:  Gifts, Reciprocity, and Obligation:

                  Applications for Positive Marketing

Host: Robert J. Morais, Weinman Schnee Morais Inc., New York

Learn about the emotionally charged nature of gift giving, and hear business cases that suggest that tapping into the meaning of giving in brand positioning, communications, and action can yield positive marketing success.


2:30 – 2:45    Break


2:45–4:00      Concurrent Salons 2


Salon 2A:  Psychotherapists, Life Coaches, and Professional Organizers:

                  Why Consumers Seek Professional Help and

                  How Professionals Improve Consumer Well-Being

Hosts: Ahir Gopaldas, Fordham University, New York and Katie Tracy, Simple Spaces, New Jersey

Discussant: Joan Ball, St. John's University, New York

Learn why consumers turn to helping professionals - from therapists to professional organizers to conflict mediators, among many others - to work through seemingly mundane problems. Hear about the ways helping professionals improve consumer well-being, and explore the factors that may impact this industry in the future.


Salon 2B:  Overcoming Stereotypes in Multicultural and

                  Global Marketing Strategy

Hosts: Alison Munsch, Insights for Actions Research, New York and Michael Chattalas, Kean University, New Jersey

Discussant: Melissa Bishop, University of New Hampshire

Hear how humanistic psychology can be used to create more effective marketing strategies in a multicultural society, bringing positive marketing to those that have been historically marginalized.


4:00 – 4:15    Break


4:15–5:30      Concurrent Salons 3


Salon 3A:  Training Positive Marketers

Hosts: Dawn Lerman, Center for Positive Marketing, Fordham University, New York and Yanan Wang, Bishop's University, Canada

Discussant: Peter Johnson, Fordham University, New York

Marketing is about people, yet formal marketing training does not focus much on people. Hear about courses and programs that aim to help marketers bring genuine happiness and fulfillment to consumers, and consider how positive marketers can be trained in academic and corporate settings.


Salon 3B:  Purpose-Driven Marketing: Achieving Social Change through

                  Brands & Consumer Advocates

Hosts: Nina Buerklin, Ludwig-Maximillians University, Germany and Hope Freedman, Edelman, New York

Learn how marketers can create a community of brand advocates to help generate positive societal impact as well as commercial success by harnessing the power of brands. Hear about the power of imagery in cause-related marketing, and explore new ways that imagery can be used to enhance cause-related marketing.


5:30 – 7:00     Closing Networking Reception






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