March 25-27, 2015

Fordham University

Lincoln Center Campus

113 West 60th Street

New York, NY


The marketers that create the greatest good in the world are those that empower and energize their customers, not just in the marketplace, but in their communities and in their lives. Taking that as a cue, the 4th annual Conference for Positive Marketing will be Your Conference for Positive Marketing. With an eye toward being a springboard for collaboration, this conference encourages you to create a program tailored to your interests with sessions designed to foster connections with like-minded people and to facilitate dynamic, productive conversations.

Instead of traditional submissions, we are asking you to – somewhat informally – pitch session themes driven by your expertise and passions. And instead of a traditional peer review process, we are asking all participants and attendees to identify and contribute to relevant session pitches by commenting and voting on them. With a program designed by its participants, Your Conference for Positive Marketing will be relevant and engaging for all attendees.

This conference stands to benefit anyone --practitioner or professor -- with an interest in using marketing to improve the world around them. Together we will break down the walls between the ivory towers of academia and the ceaseless demands of the C-suite, between righteous researchers and budding brand managers alike. Our goal is to catalyze connections you might not otherwise make and share your diverse perspectives to help each other see the challenges and opportunities of positive marketing in a whole new light. Whether you are a professor, a practitioner, or are simply passionate about using marketing positively, this is your conference.

To start, visit http://positivemarketing.ideascale.com to pitch, contribute to, and/or vote on session ideas:



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Contact Linda Purcell: lpurcell2@fordham.edu